You can add machines via this link. This will launch a self install exe.

  1. Click the downloaded file and allow to run
  2. Select Commercial/Company use
  3. Accept the licence
  4. Click Set up Unattended Access and check the computer name (we will use this to identify the PC/Mac)
  5. Insert the password (speak to us for this) and click next
  6. Close down the window
  7. The installer you have used will only allow us to connect. We have two factor authentication at our end to access the system.

For quick support using Google Remote Access, please follow these steps.

You must have a Google account. If you don’t have one, create one free of charge. There are lots of good things free with Google and will help make your computing experience better.

1. Go to the URI in Google Chrome and ensure you are logged in to a Google account
2. Click Get Support and download the application
3. Got to Remote Support and then Get Support
4. Generate code and send to us
5. You will then be asked if you would like to share, click the Share button
6. When the session is complete, click the ’Stop Sharing’ button and the session is ended.